About Thunder Bay Ultrasound

Thunder Bay Ultrasound (T Bay Ultrasound) is a newly redesigned independent health care facility committed to delivering an exceptional patient care. Formerly known as the West Arthur Ultrasound, T Bay Ultrasound welcomed its first patients to this newly-built unit with state of the art technology in the fall of 2015.

All exams referred by health care practitioners are covered by OHIP – Ontario Health Insurance Plan.

T Bay Ultrasound offers a range of diagnostic ultrasound services including abdominal, obstetrical, pelvic, transvaginal, thyroid, scrotal, urinary tract and musculoskeletal exams. We perform minimally invasive diagnostic studies such as sonohysterograms ( saline infusion studies) and amniocentesis.

We have created a relaxing, spa like atmosphere to make our patients visits a most pleasant one. Our medical and administrative team work quietly but hard behind the scenes to deliver high quality care in the most efficient way. Your health care provider will receive your exam report within 24 hours.

We also offer babies images and videos to be sent to pregnant patients by unique mobile messaging software for memories and sharing with families and friends. You can receive pictures and videos of you baby instantly on your phone. As 3D technology and mobile messaging software are very costly and not covered by OHIP we do charge minimal fees for these services.

Our regular hours are daily from 7:30 AM till 5:00PM. We frequently offer evening and weekend hours.